The Penitent Hunt :: stores, slurls, hints & prize photos

[This is the final hunt order. No rearrangements will be made at this point.]

The Penitent Hunt Sponsors

00.  [dirty.little.secret]
hint #1 ::  I need to rest my feet for awhile before my bath.

hint #2 ::   "Myself, I floundered in my twenties. Though I wore a long scarf."

01.  T R I D E N T
       hint -  Besides the stocks,the barrel of shame hides your prize.

02.  T R I D E N T Jewelry
       hint - Seek under an arch of red roses.

03.  FLOOD
       hint -  Asian Flair? What's that?

04.  Urban Chic Couture
       hint - "Whoa there watch your step!"

05.  X-Clusives Animations
       hint -  The Penitent should hold their tongue
       Keep very quiet and stop your bitch'in
       But because you're one so young
       Complete your work in the GOURMET KITCHEN


07.  PDN's Potpourri
       hint - PRAYER changes things.

08.  Adoration Home and Garden
       hint - As you look for the prize, the wheels will start to turn in your mind.

09.  Unforgettable Temptations
       hint - Grass makes a perfect hiding place, its soft and lush on my feet.

10.  Shey Fashion
       hint -  I am looking at "Coquette" Vendor.

11.  Lok's Low Prim Furniture
       hint - Why don't you sit on the newest living room sectional and think about what you've done...

The Penitent Hunt Vendors

12.  Tienda de Textura
       hint -  Your gift is in a RANDOM location.

        hint (1) -  Luke 16:24 ... I am tormented in this FLAME ...

        hint (2) - Isaiah 40:8 ... the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever ...

14.  Xenian Furniture
       hint -  Eat me!

15.  Black Karbon
       hint -  Look for the most famous street sign in New Orleans and find your  treasure.


       hint - Meow.

18.   Wicked Needs
       hint -When seeking the gift, try feeling like a King or Queen.

19.  Winterwood Designs
       hint - I think purple is my favorite color...well at least for today!

20.  / * qbee (Queen Bee)
       hint - "In sorrow He's my comfort, in trouble He's my stay,
                  He tells me every care on Him to roll;
                  He's the LILY OF THE VALLEY, the Bright and Morning Star,
                  He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul."

       hint -  If you want to plug your ears, this is where you've got to go!

22.  .HollyWeird.
       hint - It's Almost Within Your Grasp!

23.  #187#
       hint - You better see your gift behind beautiful glasses.

24.  Aphrodite Restaurant, Megastore & Coffeehouse
       hint -They must have it hidden on that secret place they got!

25.  Background Check Textures
       hint -  Up the down staircase.

26.   Rosengarten
       hint - Look for the white flowers, symbols of purity.

27.   { K a s h i e}
        hint -  Look for the white petals.

28.  *Design Extreme*
       hint - Go for the Classics at the Fine Arts Gallery.

29.  o.c design
       hint - Close to one of the vendors.

30.  Hveorungr Creations
       hint -  A little knowledge can be the key to success.


32.  Mama Allpa
       hint -  It is where you will also find 50 qualified doctors (roleplay) for all your prenatal exams, at no costs. A service for all Mama Allpa HUD users.

33.  Kaerri
       hint - What's for dinner?

34.  *TJ* Timeless Jewels

35.  Goddess Fantasies
       hint -  Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high...

36.  Swine & Roses
       hint -  I am on pins and needles.

37.  .:[NMD]:.  
      hint -  Look around the couch.

38.  Serenity in the Sun
       hint - Maggie Maggie Maggie You are looking sinful in that outfit.

39.  Urban Girl
       hint - Look for the stairs; she is waiting for you.

40.  [Revenant]
       hint - You'll remember the name from under the sea.

41.  Tiar
       hint -  Offering is often done where the heart is hidden.
(please note that the gift includes the cuddle menu only, not the sex menu)

42.  Modish
       hint -  Here or there smileys o.O'

       hint -All my signs have angels in them, but one in general is showing her Halo, and it holds more then just a glow. 

44.  .:Evilkyoot:. Designs
       hint -  I still wear my heart on my sleeve.

45.  Aberrant
       hint -  dōmo, konnichiwa (どうも、こんにちは?)

46.   ::Fe::
       hint -  Cross Cross Cross ...

47.  Mystic Canvass
       hint -  Stairway to Heaven!