[covert.hunts] :: vendor application

fill out the following information on a notecard with the title format  [HUNT NAME] - [STORE NAME] - [RESIDENT NAME] - [DATE]

name of hunt you're applying for:

store owner's full resident name:

store name:


sim maturity rating:

types of items sold in your store:

what are you planning to make for the hunt?

is there anything else i should know about you or your store?

please drop your notecard to tash.porthos.

once your application has been accepted, you will receive a notice of acceptance as well as an invite to the group.  vendor's packages will follow after the application deadline. 

thank you for your interest in [covert.hunts]. i look forward to working with you!


[dirty.little.secret :: deviser]
[covert.hunts :: paper pusher]