[covert.hunt] :: rules

fill out applications completely.
incomplete apps will be dropped without notice. leave nothing blank. all applications need to be returned to tash.porthos. you will be notified of acceptance or rejection within a few days of receipt unless first life has me away from the computer for days at a time (very rare).

no dropping out without a good reason. 
seriously...a good reason is, like, you're dead or someone in your family is sick. "i forgot" is not an excuse. don't be an ass. if you don't have time to build for the hunt, don't join. things happen, and i'm very understanding about first life issues. just communicate with me and let me know what's going on if you need to bow out.

meet the deadlines.
i won't run around looking for you and trying to coax you into meeting the deadlines. let's just say we're all mature adults. if you don't meet the deadlines, you're out.

original creations only.
it's fine to use full perm maps or prims or textures in your work, as long as the overall concept of what you're building is your own, and the bulk of the building is your own. no business in a box. stores and items will be visited and assessed.

all hunt items will be set to 1L.
why? because as much as i love freebie hunts, i'm also a builder/designer, and i feel that everyone's work deserves at least a token of appreciation. store owners don't get the praise they deserve for their hard work and dedication to building, so consider this 1L fee the small thank you you rarely get.

hunt signs must be clearly visible within a few meters of port in.
it's fine to make hunters work to find the hunt prims. just don't make them search for the sign, please. the hunt signs are there to both encourage hunters and show that you are giving back to the SL community in a very real way. that said ...

limit your decoy prims to five or less.
i believe it's cruel to use more than 5 decoy prims. many people in SL go on hunts to relieve first life tension and relax a little. it's stressful when a hunter has to sort through 200 prims scattered on the floor of your shop, and can turn some people off hunting for good. be courteous to our hunters, please. their time is just as valuable as yours.

direct questions to the right person.
send a notecard to tash.porthos with your questions. notecards should be named in the following manner:  [HUNT NAME] - [RESIDENT NAME] - [DATE].

vendors must join the hunt group.
again, this is an issue of time and courtesy. i don't have time to send individual messages to every vendor, so it will be necessary for you to keep up with what's happening in the group. all vendor packages, updates, prims and other hunt information will be posted there. the name of the hunt group is [covert.hunts], and can be found in the in-world search. there is no cost to join as a vendor or hunter. THAT being said ...

10 sponsor spots are available for each hunt for a cost of 300L.
first come, first served, period. joining as a sponsor allows you a [covert.sponsor] tag in the group, with the ability to post notices to the group about your business (one per day limit), as well as one chat notice per day. sponsors will be listed as the first 10 stores in the hunt they sponsor (again, first come, first served). sponsors will also be given graphic ads on the blog sidebar which will remain active from the time they send me their logos until one week following the end of the hunt they sponsor.

50 store limit per hunt.
no exceptions. these hunts are meant to be small and manageable, completable within a few hours.